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What is Bottles?

Bottles is an application designed for elementary OS, which helps in managing wineprefix.

What is not?

I'm sorry to ruin your dreams, but Bottles has nothing to do with PlayOnLinux, these are two different software, which provide different functionalities for different purposes.

If you are wondering where the application list is, avoid looking for it, the only purpose of this software is to facilitate the creation and management of the wineprefix.


Different Wine versions

You can install a different version of Wine, through the WineHQ repository. Read more here.

Message CODES

Message CODES, are Bottles Alerts, made available by the user. You can use these CODES to request support or more simply to track events.
Browse the complete CODES list for more details.

Did you find a bug?

Have you encountered any problems or want to suggest new features? Open a Issue!

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