A simple Taskbar for XFCE
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A simple Taskbar for XFCE

I'm not going to keep this fork actively developed and recommend using docklike instead.

Building dependency

  • libxfce4panel-2.0
  • libxfce4ui-2
  • gtk-3.0
  • cairo-1.16
  • libwnck-3.0


Arch Linux

Taskbar can be installed from the official AUR package.

Ex. from yay AUR Helper:

yay -S xfce4-taskbar-plugin-git

Other distribution

sudo make install


  • 'human' position for the pin/unpin button
  • scales icons according to the size of the taskbar with a fixed margin
  • hide (by default) the list of windows if there is only one

Based on nsz32/docklike plugin for XFCE.